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Posing 101 Book

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Posing 101: A Model's Guide to Success is like having a personal modeling coach with you at every shoot. This is a great way to discover new poses and learn your angles. With a step-by-step tutorial from Rio Summers (of America’s Top Model) along with insider tips on how to stay connected to your audience and thus, the camera, you’ll never have to worry about ‘getting it right’ ever again.

Based on our highly successful 3-day The Model Experience Program (TME) held in the Los Angeles Fashion District, Posing 101 is designed to help you achieve mastery as a top model and give you instant access to our proven success strategies whenever you need them.

You’ll learn to:

  • Connect with your audience and make the camera your friend.

  • Pose with poise, power, and grace at every shoot.

  • Choose from BLANK poses to fit every product line, in every scenario.

  • Get your head on straight, connect, and SMIZE!

  • Let the love for the camera shine through the lens, every time.

Posing 101: A Posing Guide gives you everything you need to step in front of the camera and own it! Learn how to pose like a top model.